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Founders of Dogworx
Sprocket - Chief Quality Dude


We are life-long animal advocates, it's who we are and a big part of what has always given us true PURPOSE.

We have worked most of our careers as veterinary and animal care professionals.  We've been actively rescuing, volunteering and fostering dogs and cats for more than 20 years.

It is who we are, and it's part of the DNA ingrained in the creation of Dogworx LLC.  To give back to vetted organizations and support the welfare and well-being of dogs. 


We love camping and hiking, and taking our dogs that love those activities with us, is a given. 


We had always packed our own first aid kit for our dogs, and  knew what we needed and take with us to be prepared in case our dogs had an emergency, injury or toxin ingestion.  We also were prepared to help others, because surprisingly, many people don't travel with a designated kit for their dogs. 

We wanted to use our experience to develop the best K9 first aid kit.  We also had our kit reviewed by a licensed veterinarian and registered veterinary technicians.


Our mission was to provide a solution for every dog owner to have the supplies and instructions necessary for first response or an emergency.


Our mission has been laser focused.  To create the BEST, comprehensive premium and travel-ready First Aid Kit designed for dogs and the people who love them.  We've created a kit we now use, and are proud to offer everyone.


Our idea turned into THE K9 MEDIC KIT   

Committed to helping people and the dogs they LOVE! 

Many thanks, and HAPPY Tails & Trails!

Robin, Julie and Chase

Founders of Dogworx, LLC

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